Accessories & Tips

Extra accessories you may wish to consider

Local customers sometimes like to bring their own pillows and bedding, which helps us keep prices down. Of course many customers come from far away and will need bedding to be included. A bedding pack includes 2 pillows, 2 sheets, 1 doona and 2 bath towels and is at a nominal fee of $20 per pack.

  • Portable camp table is $20 per rental.
  • Tom Tom GPS is $25 per week and makes navigation easy.
  • Foldaway camp chairs are $10 each per rental.
  • Bicycle rack is $30 and holds 2 Bicycles.
  • Baby Seat is $25 per week.
  • Child Booster Seats is $20 per week.
  • 'Webber Q' Bar B Que with accessories is $40 per week.
  • Tow Bar for light Trailers. $100 per rental *Conditions apply.
  • Honda 2KVA Generator $70 per week, making Free camping a dream. Use aircon and anything else that uses 240 volts. No need for caravan park.

Maps and Campground Guides

Each vehicle is supplied with a Road Atlas and campground guides. If you want tourism brochures please ask.

Vehicle Consultation

On pick up we provide a vehicle consultation and explain all the interior and exterior operational features of the vehicle as well as driving tips. Questions are encouraged and with this knowedge you are ensured of a care free holiday.

Driving Long Distances

When driving it is important to plan and allow enough time to travel the long distances we have in Australia. Below is a distance chart outlining kilometres between major cities. We recommend you allow approximately 200-300 kilometres driving per day. Arriving in the afternoon and staying 2 nights provides the best opportunity to see the area you are in. This way you can take a day off driving and stay longer at that special place you weren't expecting and easily catch up the distance the following day.

The calculator below summarizes some of the major cities. 

1542 Alice Springs                
2063 3012 Brisbane              
3143 2324 1717 Cairns            
3053 1511 3415 2727 Darwin          
728 2270 1674 3054 3871 Melbourne        
2724 3630 4384 5954 4045 3452 Perth      
1420 2644 996 2546 4000 868 4144 Sydney    
2525 2096 1467 374 2556 2857 5728 2494 Townsville  
4288 2746 4650 3962 1865 5016 2250 5234 3380 Broome

Driving at Night

Please avoid driving at night when outside of towns or cities. Wildlife, especially kangaroos, can be very dangerous on our roads, particularly at sunrise and sunset. This is when animals are most active because they are looking for food. The most common animals that you could encounter on the Australian roads are: kangaroos, wallabies, cattle, emus, camels, wombats, echidnas, galas and cockatoos.

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