Serenity Motorhome Holidays

Affordable Luxury Motorhome & Campervan Rental 
Proud Australian family business. Great choice of Motorhomes. 

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Bendigo, Melbourne (Tullamarine), Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Adelaide, Perth.

Serenity Motorhome Holidays brings you; Letsgo Motorhomes with depots across Australia! Personalised service & attention to detail attracts local, interstate & international customers (possibly again) keen to support us! Please call to arrange an appointment. 

With 15 years of knowledge & experience, Letsgo has pristine modern motorhomes and campervans. I'm confident Letsgo have something to suit you. Everything is spotlessly clean & works as it should.

Make your motorhome holiday a very affordable, enjoyable & memorable experience. Travel at your own pace, enjoy your holiday with new destinations, beautiful scenery every day, free from stress of packing & unpacking. Wake by beautiful beaches & waves and take a swim, or camp by a clear blue mountain stream & go fishing. Cook up a yummy breakfast or go to a seaside cafe! Possibilities are endles. We provide maps & tourism information on request.

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